About us

The history of our firm is dated back to the end of 1990s. Our firm is currently placed in Božejov near Pelhřimov. In 2011, 30 employees who are able to make 55 million Czech crowns turnover are employed.

Our Scope of Business

We specialize in precise sheet metal processing and in the production of lightweight sectional structures made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The production is implementaed using the up-to-date technologies. The large range of our products can be supplemented with technical documentation preparation, final surface treatment with powder varnishing, galvanizing, hot – dip galvanizing or transport.

Our purchasers

The quality of our work is appreciated mainly by suppliers for the automotive industry, electronics producers, equipment for chemical and food processing industry, machinery and ship producers and in civil engineering. Thanks to our pricing policy and ability to respond to the market needs flexibly, still more customers are interested in us and the proof of their satisfaction is the fact that they contact us repeatedly.

Our aims

Our aim is to increase quality and our products' accuracy continuously, to reduce deadlines and to respond to customer's requirements better. We want to achieve this using the up-to-date technologies, improving our production procedures and making use of the potential of our qualified staff who can attend a wide range of training courses and who are provided better working environment.

Advantages of cooperating with us

You will find out an experienced partner when cooperating with us

We try to be the best. You, as a client, can await experience, solidity and successful implementation of your projects.

We have modern technologies and well-trained staff

We guarantee a high quality of execution by combining precise hand craft and modern technologies. High work productivity is a sure thing which has an influence on a final contract price.

We minimize producing cost while keeping required quality

We can offer a high quality material for good prices, higher extend of purchase and trade monitoring thanks to long term cooperation with providers.

Proved and reliable suppliers are our partners

On the basis of technological specifications that you set we individually choose the best partners for cooperation to provide for example surface treatment.

We want every customer to get some advantages from cooperation which helps him/her with successful trade implementation in a competitive market environment.

Perfect service and personal attitude is given to every customer

The satisfied customer is the best reward of our effort which is not finished by handing over of the product. We provide all the service associated with this matter such as installation of purchased components into assemblies, special packaging or the transport of products to a specified place.

We reduce the impact of our activity on the environment by our responsible attitude

We take into account the potential impacts of our activities on the environment. We keep the legal and ethical requirements as far as environmental protection is concerned and our aim is to be better in this approach.